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Intermediates (19-35)

-for women aged 19 to 35

Ladies' Golf Club welcomes you to be an Intermediate Member.  For every year of Intermediate Membership, 5% of the Annual Dues is credited to the full Entrance fee payable on becoming a Full Member at age 36.


Intermediate A (Age 30-35)
Annual Fees: $3,466.50 
(includes Golf Association dues, prize fund & capital replacement fund).

+ House Minimum: $480.00
+ Staff Gratuity: $145.00

Intermediate B (Age 25-29)
Annual Fees: $2,421.50 
(includes Golf Association dues, prize fund, capital replacement fund).

+ House Minimum: $300.00
+ Staff Gratuity: $100.00

Intermediate C (Age 19-24)
Annual Fees: $1,701.50 
(includes Golf Association dues, prize fund, capital replacement fund).

+ House Minimum: $180.00
+ Staff Gratuity: $65.00

Optional: Tee Access Pass
Intermediate Members may play unlimited games, after 11am, unless playing with their Section during their scheduled Section Time. There is an optional $400 fee for unrestricted tee times.

Three installment payment option available
Prices are subject to HST

Other Details:

Entrance Fee
There is no Entrance Fee for an Intermediate Member at the time of joining. An Intermediate Member will be required to pay the Full Entrance Fee in ef-fect at the time if she wishes to transfer to Full Member at the age of 36. The value of the Full Entrance Fee payable on transfer shall be reduced by 5% for each year of continuous membership as an Intermediate.

Association Dues
Membership in Golf Canada/Golf Association of Ontario (GC/GAO).

Prize Fund
Each Section has their own prize fund for tournaments and events.

Club Storage
Club storage is complimentary for all Intermediate Members.

Capital Reserve Fund
Special fund for future replacements.

House Minimum
The Minimum spending applies to all food and beverage purchases (excluding taxes and service charge) incurred in the Clubhouse dining rooms and Halfway House in the current year. The House Minimums for will be billed in two peri-ods - Opening Tea to July 31 and August 1 to October 31. There is no carry over from period one to period two; any unspent minimum in either of the two periods will be billed at the end of that period.

Staff Service Fund
All members contribute to a Staff Service Fund, in lieu of gratuities. Service charges are billed monthly from May-Oct.

Locker Fee (optional)—$40
This fee is yearly and provides you with a private locker.

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